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We create games and applications for Android, IOS(iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone. We are specialist in Educational games.

Kids Educational Game 2

This application is purpose-designed to be easy for kids to use. It comprises 16 GAMES to help kids learn while they have fun. The game includes the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese.
This is an application for all ages. Although it is designed for children aged 2 to 7, it can also be played by all the family and is very useful for exercising the minds of the elderly.

Thanks to the variety of games, kids will learn numbers, letters, their first words, colors, languages, musical notes, improve their memory, logic, solve puzzles, learn to distinguish and associate shapes, improve their motor skills and spatial vision, and boost their concentration.

Free Android app on Google Play Coming soon WindowsPhone
Full Android app on Google Play Coming soon WindowsPhone

Kids Educational Game

With this application, children can learn and improve their skills with 11 fun games. In addition, they will practice languages, because during the game you can use Spanish and English.
The recommended age is 2-6 years, perfect for preschooler’s kids.

With the game will learn:

Colors (English and Spanish), the musical notes, numbers (English and Spanish), memory, the logic to solve puzzles, the animals (names and sounds), to be creative, distinguish and associate forms, responsiveness, psychomotor apparatus, spatial vision, associate and relate, distinguish shapes and colors.

Free Android app on Google Play Coming soon WindowsPhone
Full Android app on Google Play

Kids Paint

The game is designed for children, so they can easily draw without an adult supervision. Only have three buttons:

- Choose a color
- Change brush
- Clear all

They can spend hours of fun painting!

Free Android app on Google Play

Kids Mazes

Use your wits to get the ball to the goal! Random levels, the game never ends. The game contains two play modes to move ball and getting it to the goal:

- With your finger
- With the accelerometer

In addition there are three difficulty levels, so they can play children of all ages:


Free Android app on Google Play