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We create fun and educational games for kids. With a simple and nice design.


We create apps for Android and iOS platforms using the Android SDK, Cocos2D-x, AndEngine, Cocos2D and Box2D as physics engine.


Games for Android


Games for iOS


DownloadsOver ten million


Yearsmaking games

Check out our apps. We love to make creative and fun games.

  • item 1

    Kids Educational Game

  • item 2

    Smart Kids

  • item 3

    Kids Educational Game 2

  • item 4

    Fun Games for Kids

  • item 5

    Kids Math

  • item 6

    Kids Stories - The Little Rat

  • item 7

    Memory Kids

  • item 8

    Kids Paint Easy

  • item 9

    Christmas Games

  • item 10

    Mazes for Kids

  • item 11

    Paint & Coloring

  • item 12

    First Words (Learn Languages)


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  • 12540 Vila-real, Spain

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